Project Description


Type: Vintage

Designer: Nathanael G. Herreshoff (Bristol – Usa)

Builder: Daniel Scotto Di Perrotolo (Marseille-France)

Year: 1916

Length over spars: 19.80

Waterline length: 12.50

Beam: 4.40

Draft: 2.60

Sail area: 240.00

Displacement: 23.00


Chinook (sail number NY-48), formerly named Pauline, belongs to the NY 40 class, the famous “Fighting Forties”. She is one of the 14 yachts that were built on demand between 1916 and 1926 for some New York Yacht Club members.
There are no more than four of them still sailing, including Rowdy (1916) and Marilee (1926). The latter and Chinook are the only ones with an auric cutter rig. She was built along with her 11 sister ships in just 6 months between 1915 and 1916. Chinook was purchased in March 2010 in Newport by Jonathan Greenwood, the Irish skipper, and Sandra Ugolini, and then shipped via cargo to Genoa and subsequently to Bizerta, Tunisia.
Graham Walker, the next owner as well as the winner of several Panerai trophies with Rowdy, sold her to the Londoner Paolo Zannoni, who won the Panerai Trophy in the “Vintage” category in 2016.