Project Description


Type: Vintage

Designer: Attilio Costaguta

Builder: Cantiere Costaguta

Year: 1930

Yacht Type: 12 Metri S.I.

Length over spars: 20.93

Hull length: 20.93

Waterline length: 14.36

Beam: 3.74

Draft: 2.95

Sail area: 204.00

Displacement: 28.00

Introduction of co-shipowner of Emilia

Love at first sight with a historical racing yacht doesn’t happen that often, but this was the case with Emilia. To bring her back on top racing positions, following Beppe Zaoli’s advices, was amazing.

Valter Pizzoli


This boat was originally designed by Attilio Costaguta following the International Rule of the 12 meters as a gift from the Senator Giovanni Agnelli to his son-in-law Carlo Nasi. Due to his unexpected departure to South America, the vessel was sold to the Bruzzone family, and her rigging was changed to a Marconi schooner. She was named Emilia in honour of Attilio Bruzzone’s mother and took part in several cruising regattas for about ten years with encouraging results.
In 1940 she was sold to the banker Alfredo Coppola, who kept her in perfect condition. Upon his death (1970s), her ownership was transferred to Giorgio Trani, and in 1988 the yacht underwent a complete restoration at the Beconcini shipyard, following the project by Ugo Faggioni.
Ten years later, she underwent another restoration in the French Rivera, and in 2005 she was converted to the original rigging and euipped with a full set of Zaoli sails.